Almost immediately, after you have purchased your mobile ticket will appear on the My Tickets page in our app.

Download ticket

You can then Download ticket to view the actual ticket on your device which includes an image of the barcode that will be scanned at the station. You can only download your Mobile Ticket to one device, so make sure you download it to whichever device you’re planning to take with you when you travel.

Activate ticket

You will need to activate your downloaded ticket before travelling, however this should only be done on the day of travel and once you are sure you will be travelling that day. Activating your ticket is irreversible, once it’s been activated it cannot be changed, refunded or moved so we recommend you only activate it just before boarding. Tickets should not be activated before 04.30 am on the day of travel, unless your train leaves before then. 

Activating your ticket is very straight forward all you need to do is open your ticket in you app and you will see a button thats says activate. All you need to do is click that button. 

Move ticket

If you’ve already downloaded the ticket but now are travelling with a different device then you can move it.

Open our app in the device you’d like to move your tickets to. Log in to your account and then download your tickets to your new device.